Friday, February 15, 2008

Giving This Blogging Thing A Try

Everyone needs another chance to vent, right?

What kinds of things do I vent about?
  • Stupid gun laws written by stupid politicians that equate being helpless with being safe. Ever notice how they all have armed bodyguards?
  • Stupid people who neither know nor care about what an awesome responsibility gun ownership is, and give those of us who do a bad name.
  • Nanny-statism in all its vile mutations.
  • People who think anyone who's different from themselves must be evil and therefore must be persecuted immediately. Wasn't that used a few years back to justify flying planes into buildings?
  • People who treat horses and dogs like disposable commodities. I'm sick of cleaning up after them.
  • I could go on . . .
Anyway, here goes nothin'.

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