Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Buy A Gun" Day

Okay, in my case it was "Order A Gun" Day. Does that count?

Yep, I finally decided how I wanted my Commander-sized Wilson Combat built.

The base model is their Elite Professional.

© 2007 Wilson's Gun Shop Inc.

I ordered it with a smooth, not stippled, Ed Brown bobtail, no magwell of course, single tactical safety instead of ambi, no Lasergrips, two sets of grips fitted to the bobtail with hex-head screws, tactical tritium sights, 3.5 lb. tuned match trigger (yeah, I know, but it's the same as the one I'm carrying now, and all I shoot any more is SA semi-auto's with really good triggers). It's all carbon steel, fully finished in allover-black ArmorTuff.

Now I get to wait impatiently for the phone to ring.

In about two months.



Lorimor said...

That's going to be awful nice. The only thing I'd order different is ask for a "blank slide" i.e., no "Wilson" or any other text rolled into the slide.

I wish I would've known I had that option when I ordered my CQB. At least I knew enough not to get those awful holster grinding forward serrations.

Can't wait for the range report.

JoeMerchant24 said...

Eeessss niiiiice.

Bobtail, single-side safety, ArmorTuff finish.

That's good. It'll protect the finish from the drool.

I, on the other hand, would go with forward serrations. My kydex is unaffected by them, and I like the utility.

cocked and loaded said...

Its beautiful,congratulations.