Thursday, September 25, 2008

Election Reminders Again

Lest any of us forget before November . . .

Barack Obama's campaign website has just been updated with his support for repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment and a permanent "Assault Weapons Ban."

John Lott and the National Review among others point out the truth about's baldfaced lies assertions that the NRA's analysis of Barack Obama's position on guns is flawed.

UPDATE: Obama's campaign is trying to force the NRA to stop reporting the truth about his position on guns.

More on Obama's attack on the First Amendment.

Protein Wisdom points out the naked emperor of media bias.

Another National Review article reminds us that it's not "easy access to guns" that results in paroled recidivist violent felons killing police officers, but the lenient justice system that turned them loose.

And John Lott reminds us of the Democrats' role in creating the current financial mess, and that the even the New York Times saw it coming ten years ago.

Pay attention. See through the smoke and mirrors. VOTE.

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DirtCrashr said...

Further on at Protein Wisdom Jeff notes that Barak's a post-modern World Citizen kinda guy, where a thing means whatever he interprets it to mean, so Truth becomes an article of the Ministry of Truth - and as such is owned by the State, all legally in copyright like a Scientologist's screed.