Monday, October 12, 2009

Cabela's Was Right

Last month, Cabela's proactively notified their California ammunition customers that they would no longer be able to ship to them if AB962 was signed into law.

Governor Arnold "I made millions shooting guns in movies but you peasants shouldn't have any" Schwarzenegger did exactly that just before the veto deadline.

According to his statement, he actually believes this will reduce crime. Or at least he says so. If it does, it will pretty much be a first, since no other gun control legislation has ever done so. A far more frequent effect of restricting citizens' access to firearms is an increase in violent crime.

Just as every single other restriction has only resulted in criminals obtaining weapons through off-book channels, this will do the same with ammunition. They're criminals. That's what they do.

Kommiefornia California will undoubtedly see some other effects that certain people there will consider good ones. Some gun owners will move to other states in disgust. Others will decide it's just too onerous to keep going and give up on owning guns. Gun-haters, gun-fearers, and gun-banners love anything that reduces the number of law-abiding gun owners.

Some who live there keep fighting the good fight.

The rest will bend over, grab their ankles, and submit to thumbprinting and registration. Until the next time another draconian law whittles away at the ranks.

Oh, sure, it could have been worse. The bill that was signed was previously amended to remove requirements for ammunution sellers to be licensed and restricting ammunition transfers to not more than fifty rounds a month.

Fifty rounds a month isn't even enough to maintain basic proficiency, never mind training or competition. I've never taken even a four-hour training class that used less than two hundred rounds.

It's easy to say this is California, what do you expect? But no matter where we live, every one of these worthless laws harms us all. Every one sets another dangerous precedent. And worst of all, when they don't accomplish anything, the idiots who wrote them are motivated to DO IT AGAIN, ONLY HARDER THIS TIME.


DirtCrashr said...

"DO IT AGAIN, ONLY HARDER THIS TIME" - That exactly describes the drooling idiots of the CA Legislature Democrats - they are protected in gerrymander-secure districts and no evidence of intelligence is required for them to serve office. They run unopposed, with their core values attached to the ass of the Democrat Politburo.

The Repubislature has their own small corner of the Sacramento Feed-Trough in which to grovel, but are outvoted and subdued. Still, the actual bill got well-eviscerated before going forward, and contains within it the seeds of its own destruction.

As-written it cannot stand the sunlight and litigation will destroy it before it becomes law, and the destroyed vestiges are being used as a latticework to dismantle other, older attempts at gun-control.

Mikee said...

IS there any California law about driving to Arizona or Nevada, loading up the trunk with ammo, driving home to California and keeping it in your California home for personal use?

Because if there is not such a law, the CA legislature will have to pass one, to protect the innocent, or some such.

I loaded up on 9mm at my local Texas sporting good store 2 years ago when they had a good sale, and am still shooting from that stockpile, restocking it with (more expensive) newer boxes as sales prices allow.

I'd have no trouble finding a sale on some out state trip to restock, if such a stupid law was passed here, which won't happen, because this is BY GOD TEXAS!

DirtCrashr said...

No law like that, in fact it's the attempt by this law to regulate common carriers - something that is preempted by Federal law, that will cause it to be rescinded.

Lorimor said...

We need a fence around California!

The Freeholder said...

I know of one CA family of shooters that has already made a run to Nevada to restock on loaded ammo and components because they didn't do so locally when they we warned before hand.

Pollyanna lives, I guess.

LeftCoastConservative said...

The law does not take effect until February of 2011, so there is still time for my order at Cabelas to be fulfilled.

It has only taken them six months.

So I'll try again in June, hoping to get another order in just under the wire.