Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ordered A Rifle

When I got my first paycheck from the new job, I almost fainted. Recovering quickly, I decided it was absolutely time to get that precision rifle.

So I did my homework, talked to lots of people, fondled a bunch of very nice guns, and ended up ordering one of these:

Now I need information to help me select an appropriate scope. Any suggestions?


Lorimor said...

Begins with "L", ends with "eupold."

Lots of good scopes out there but Leupold is always a good choice.

Their 4.5x14 Tactical would be a good on one on that rifle.

Lorimor said...

Good "one on that rifle." That's better.

Linoge said...

Ok, "envious" does not quite cover it.

Not being a long-range lead-slinger myself, any suggestions I have in regards to scopes would be somewhat useless... That said, I have heard nothing but good things about Leupolds, Schmidt and Bender, Nightforce, and US Optics - it all depends on what your budget for glass is (and the common consensus appears to be you should spend as much on glass (if not more) as you did on the metal).

Rio Arriba said...

What cartridge did you get it in?

Hecate said...

Good old reliable .308 Winchester.

Kevin said...

Spend some time poking at

Willorith said...

Call George Hill at basin sports in Utah. He is the mad Ogre of, another gun blogger. George runs the optics department at one of the best gun shops in the country.

Hecate said...

Just deleted a spam comment. I don't tolerate crap like that.

Don't even bother trying.

That is all.

pdxr13 said...

Near 12 pounds with a scope, is going to be a really nice shooter in .308Win.

The default drop-down menu is .300WinMag, which will be an interesting cartridge to own in about 3 years when the Army gets the warehouses full of premium ammo and starts aging-out the 37 month old stuff for cheap. .308W is already interesting and not too expensive to shoot lots of.

There's really no rule of thumb for scope cost. Spend enough to get one that does your job. Low-light capability always costs more (just like camera lenses).

The L-manufacturer makes nice stuff, but they have genuine competition on quality/price that they did not have in decades past, even in the top-line. Shop hard.

Don't forget to put a nice rangefinder and a spotting scope in the budget.