Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Catch And Release

A police chief's daughter is murdered in North Carolina. The primary suspect is a registered sex offender who had six felony arrests in the last 22 months. There is no record of him ever having served any time for any of these arrests.


Protect yourself, because the revolving door injustice system sure as hell won't.


parabarbarian said...

Now that he's killed a cop's kid the system will get him off the streets.

falnfenix said...

Sounds like Baltimore. We have tons of criminals on the street, most of whom have convictions but no jail time.

The Freeholder said...

I'm afraid the story may be more interesting. Latest word yesterday was that the your woman was apparently not physically abused, and drugs were somehow involved. Suspect claims she ODed. Still up in the air; has gotten very hush-hush.

However, I can vote for castration at the neck for the guy for his previous actions.

Slobyskya Rotchikokov said...

It has been definitively proven that repeat sex-crime offenders suffer from low systemic levels of lead and copper. A simple, one time injection of these substances, delivered to the cranial region by an approved device, permanently ends the imbalance which drives these poor creatures to commit their misadventures.

The Freeholder said...

Here's the latest from the Charlotte Observer. It's begining to sound like the young lady's lifestyle played a large part in her death.


Hecate said...

A similar situation to a tragic case here in Nebraska a few years back when a young couple froze to death after getting lost out in the country in winter. They were on the phone with 911 until the end, but too chemically impaired to give any useful information to the dispatchers. Automatic location identification isn't implemented everywhere, and can fail where it is in use.

Regardless, a registered sex offender with six more felony arrests and no time served ain't exactly a model citizen I'd want living in my neck of the woods.