Monday, October 11, 2010

The Divine Right Of Kings

So Dear Leader is planning to "advance his agenda" over the heads and behind the backs of Congress, and rule by fiat through executive orders and regulations?

Can you think of any better reason to impeach the bastard?


eriko said...

2 problems:

#1 The people that wanted to impeach the last bastard seem to like the new bastard. We need to get both groups to realize that the elected are all bastards and need to be impeached regardless of party. It needs to be the majority of people not a party that gets a majority.

#2 Impeachment is a nuclear option if it comes from one party attacking another. Once if has happend the gloves are off for what ever party is in power to stay in power and for the other party to get in power.

The real trick will be getting an impeachment that is not along party lines. Trying to elect whoever is running against the incombant might be a first step in saying that the current (last 50 years or so) behavior is not acceptable.

Chase said...

I notice that the link you posted leads to Free Republic. As far as I can tell, the folks there believe that non-Christians are a threat to civilization, and evil. Do you frequent Free Republic anyway? If so, do you ever mention Witchcraft?

Hecate said...

If I read Free Republic, it's solely for the political sentiment expressed. I couldn't care less about the attitudes of people there -- or anywhere else --who find my spiritual tradition objectionable.

An awful lot of conservatives sound a lot like christian theocrats. I don't shove my pentacle in their faces, but I don't take it off either. I have better ways to waste my time than trying to change their minds.