Sunday, November 28, 2010

Philosophical Question

I have a Colt Combat Commander Model 70 in electroless nickel. It's a 9mm and was my first "training wheels" 1911 back when I was still intimidated by .45 ACP. It was quite inexpensive as Colt 1911's go, and I know it's not truly a collectible.

It has the classic teensy safety, vestigial sights, and hand-ripping tang, and so is not particularly pleasant to shoot. I only actually shot it a few times before making the leap to .45's, and it's just been sitting in the safe ever since.

My question is, should I send it in to be reworked and refinished as a shooter or keep it an all-original safe queen?



Joe Allen said...

A 1911 in 9mm is incredibly fun to shoot, and a commander sized one is a great carry platform to boot.

I would either fix it up how you want it to be and shoot the snot out of it, or I'd sell it and get something you will shoot and enjoy.

Mr.B said...

what joe said.

There is, really, not much you can do to improve it that wouldn't cost more than a new, better concealable handgun would cost.

And lest yo think I dislike 1911's, I don't. I own 4 and carry one every day.

Thomas said...

Agreed---either turn it into something you'd want to shoot, or sell it and BUY something you'd want to shoot on days when you feel like something other than a .45.

"Safe Queens" are all right, (IMO) if they are 1) either serious collectibles, or 2) Have extreme sentimental value ("this was my great-granddaddy's pistol that he carried in WWI").

If it is neither of those? Get rid of it to make space for a gun that either has serious meaning/value, or one that you really like to shoot.

(Says the guy who needs to clean out his armory a little... :) )

Chas S. Clifton said...

My dad had a saying, "Don't set diamonds in brass."

Not that your Colt is a bad pistol as-is, but I agree with the comments that customizing it is not worth the cost. You would not be likely to get your money back if you sold it after customizing, as opposed to its current condition.

Sport Pilot said...

Dale Strong

Sport Pilot said...

How odd? I wrote a nice little piece praising the 9mm in a 1911 platform and talking about one I owned that’s now converted to 45ACP. Even went into some detail about the primary complaint regarding Colt 1911’s purchased in 9mm were feed issues and how if you had one that feed correctly it was a keeper.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that it would cost much to make it workable. Throat the feed area, put a decent safety lever on it, a better grip safety, and you'll be good to go.