Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm driving down the aisle in the grocery store parking lot. Up ahead,I see a pickup starting to back out of a stall. There's a van next to it, so the pickup's driver will have trouble seeing what's coming. I stop well back, figuring the car in front of me will do the same.

Oh no, that driver just keeps on going. The truck stops abruptly as the driver finally sees the oncoming car. The car's driver screeches to a halt, rolls down the window, and starts yelling at the pickup driver complete with hand gestures. Mr. Car Driver apparently thinks Mr. Pickup Driver is Number 1, sort of.

The rear of the car is covered with bumper stickers: Obama '08, Nebraska Democratic Party, COEXIST, Nebraskans For Peace, a big "equal" sign, something espousing Tolerance. Heh.


Mr.B said...

There is a pattern here. I too have noticed it.

But, no doubt, it is UN-PC to point it out.

Not that I care.....

Chase said...

Sounds like my bumper stickers, but not like my driving habits.

Why do people yell at each other when in cars, but not while walking? Weird.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your four-legged family. Hope your cold is past, and that you're celebrating the holiday with joy and safety.


Be sure to give Milton some extra hay tomorrow to celebrate. And don't forget the hugs.

Aanoosh said...

Did you do anything special for Christmas? Hope Santa was good to everyone, especially Milton the Evil Pony.


Katrina said...

What I do not ever understand is why people are like that when it is there fault. People are so bad at that and its more like they dont have any patience which is sad.