Friday, March 21, 2008

The Appearance Of Safety

As opposed to actually being safe.

Hsiao Hsu and her husband had a walled, gated residence with security cameras and a sign that read, "Warning: All activities are recorded to aid in the prosecution of any crimes committed against this facility." The multi-million-dollar mansion was in a very "nice" neighborhood, West Covina, an upscale community in Los Angeles county.

They did everything "right." Hsiao Hsu was on the phone with 911 reporting someone breaking into her house when the dispatcher heard gunshots followed by silence on the open line. The police arrived in time to observe "one or more males" running away from the house, but it was too late for the victim who was already dead inside.

It's great to have walls and gates and alarms and cameras and signs. It's great to have phones and call 911. But thinking any of these things will keep you alive when you're looking the goblin in the face is a fatal mistake.

When you need a gun, you need it RIGHT NOW, and nothing else will do.

Stay safe. REALLY safe.

HT to John Lott.


Lorimor said...

Some people just want to go through life with the thought "that it can't happen to me."

And then they ridicule those of us who think, "it just might."0

jimbob86 said...

It is to late to get a gun when you need one. Either you have it on you or you don't.

This incident is more evidence (Mr. Homeowner is DEAD, as opposed to living proof)that when seconds count the police are only minutes away. And the choir says "Amen!" Now go tell it to an Anti, at