Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things

If you ask me how many guns I have, I'll probably mumble something about more than I need but less than I want. Among the throng, though, there are a few that are, well, just specialer than the others.

There's my Wilson Combat CQB, of course, that's my current carry gun -- at least until I get the custom build I'm ordering. I've almost decided what I want on it.

Then we have my HK P7M8, Trussville import, AG date code, bought brand new in 2006:

"Fast, Flat, and Accurate," the P7 is a perfect carry gun within the limits of its minor caliber and magazine capacity. Those aren't very serious limitations if you use quality defensive ammunition and carry two reloads. The M8's larger trigger guard and heat shield eliminate the problems I had when I test-drove a PSP. Now if I could just figure out how to make bumper pads for the magazines, I could eliminate the tendency to pinch my hand when reloading under time pressure.

The pistol they'll have to bury with me (oops, I forgot; when I bought it, it was on the condition I leave it back to the seller in my will) is this bright-blued T-series Browning Hi-Power made in 1969:

Departures from box-stock are a tuned Cylinder & Slide wide combat trigger that eliminates the troublesome magazine disconnect, an extended tactical safety and slide stop, and thin Navidrex micarta combat grips. It's been throated and polished for hollowpoints. Yes, it rattles, but no matter what you feed it or how dirty or hot it gets, this gun never, ever malfunctions. I've put thousands of rounds through it, and it has never once failed to go bang.

I've always liked the look of EEEEEEVIL BLACK RIFLES, and as the political winds changed decided I better get one while I still could. The result was this Smith & Wesson M&P15T that I named "The Department Of Defense:"

It has a full-length quad-rail with rail guards, Harris adjustable swivel bipod, Giles sling, Ergo grip, Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 optic mounted on the carry handle with BUIS, an ambidextrous extended charging handle, improved gas rings, and a Streamlight M3 on the side away from the camera. Isn't accessorizing fun?

Now if I could just get a decent photo of my made-in-1965 Ithaca 37 Model DS Police Special 12ga tactical shotgun. I call that one "The Department Of Homeland Security."

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