Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Give Them What They Want

And the criminals won't hurt you.

That's what police departments and elected officials tell you to do when confronted by violence.

Linda Susan Raulerson, live bait a clerk in a convenience store, gave the criminal what he wanted, and he killed her anyway.

I am not willing to bet my life that the scumbag who wants to rob me will immediately turn into an honorable person as soon as I turn over the goods. And what if the criminal wants your body or your child?

I don't think so.

I don't want a criminal to think attacking me is a safe bet. I want him to think if he attacks me, it may be the last thing he ever does. Or if he attacks any law-abiding citizen, because any one of us may be armed, trained, and willing to defend ourselves.

Remember, The Authorities who tell us to just surrender meekly either carry guns themselves or have armed bodyguards.


workinthehood said...

The thing that I have never understood about the liberal mindset is that for all the talk of empowerment, they do not want people to _really_ empower themselves. If I had a daughter, I would teach her how to shoot, pay for her ccw class and license fees. That is empowerment.

The liberal "progressive" mindset thrives on victimhood, if you ask me.

Shaggy Shoggoth

jimbob86 said...

It is all just a misunderstanding.... a communication problem, if you will: I will give the criminal what I believe he wants. While what he thought he said was "Gimme yer wallet and keys and get on the ground!", what I understood him to say was "Gimme yer wallet and keys and 2 rounds!" 2 to COM, Comin' right up!