Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democrapic Convention Overload

The nightly ad-nauseam TV coverage of the Democraptic National Convention is doing wonders for my backlog of odd jobs around the house and unread books. That's because I'd rather clean gunk out of the sink trap than watch it.

The litany of entitlements they are offering the Kool-Aid drinkers Democratic faithful needs only a chorus chanting "GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!" in the background. This country has been called the Land of Opportunity, the Land of the Free, not the Land of The Free Lunch. In America, I can have anything I am willing to work for and earn. I can also turn my life into a world-class Charlie Foxtrot if I so choose by make bad decisions. In other words, I am free to succeed and I am free to fail, according to the choices I make in life. And I own the consequences of my successes and failures.

In other words, had I been stupid and/or greedy enough to buy a house I couldn't afford, it would be my responsibility to clean up the mess, not the .gov's.

That's not what the speakers at the DNC seem to believe. In the finest tradition of the Total Abdication Of Personal Responsibility Democratic Party, they promise foreclosure bailouts and universal health care without explaining just how they will pay for such largesse.

Oh, that's right, they won't have to pay for them. We will.

UPDATE: D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan fact-checks the Obamessiah.

As a side note, a Cuban immigrant recently wrote a letter to his local newspaper remembering where he's heard similar promises of hope and change before.

Another of the highlights(?) was announcing Joe Biden as Obama's running mate. In case anyone out there who owns guns has been under a rock for the past year or so, Obama getting elected would be very, very bad for gun owners. I therefore offer the following as a reminder of what Biden thinks of us:

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nologic said...

I am very excited to see Sarah running for VP. She is the right kind of change.