Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun With Machine Guns

Yesterday, August 16, I went to the Fun & Freedom Machine Gun Shoot in Kearney, Nebraska.

David Hineline, a friend from the Nebraska CCW forum and FFL from South Sioux City, came down for the event with LOTS of cool toys.

I tried his MP5SD, but found the stock length to be a bit of a reach. Yes, I really am that short and dumpy. If I follow the genetic predisposition of my family's female side, I'll eventually end up looking like R2D2 in drag.

The select-fire M16 carbine in 9mm had an adjustable stock, which worked out much better.

There were many historical weapons there. I missed the chance to photograph a gentleman in Revolutionary War period costume. These two participants had uniforms and equipment from the Viet Nam era.

There is no such thing as an ex-Marine.

Fifty-caliber single-shot rifle. There was so much to see, and everyone was so busy, that I'm afraid I didn't get the particulars on all the guns there.

Belt-fed machine gun.

Exploding Tannerite has got to be the ultimate in reactive targets.

I have to comment on the children I saw at this event. There were lots of them, from about four years old on up. Without exception, they were all well-behaved and well spoken. They displayed maturity, self-discipline, and responsibility. I have seen this over and over at shooting events.

This young man attentively listened to the instructions he was given for safely shooting the .50 rifle while his friend looked on from behind the line.

His friend wisely supplemented his earplugs during the shot.

The nanny-statists would have us believe guns are a bad influence on children. But responsible gun owners raise their children to be responsible individuals. Seeing these admirable young people gives me hope not only for the future of gun ownership in this country but for the future of the country itself.

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Rio Arriba said...

Sounds like a great event. I know what you mean about kids. Just about when I'm ready to give up all hope, I meet one who is well-spoken, polite, and bright as a new penny and it gives me hope.

As 2A people we should be doing all we can to teach and encourage kids who are interested in our way of life. Kids "get it" if they get the chance.