Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Via Daniel White, the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner, we learn of a violent attack on a couple in Loudoun, VA, that left the husband dead and the wife in critical condition. They suffered severe blunt force trauma, and as many as three assailants may have been involved. Police feel the crime was a random act.

What makes it even worse was the slain man had a permit to carry a concealed weapon but was not armed at the time of the attack.

UPDATE: Via a post on The Firing Line forum from someone who lives two blocks from the crime scene, we now know the man was also a former Green Beret. Tragic.

They were found less than a mile from their home, wearing jogging clothes, apparently out for a morning stroll along a pleasant parkway in a "peaceful, upper-middle class neighborhood." A perfectly safe place, right? No need to carry that heavy, uncomfortable concealed weapon.

Nobody can know in advance when or where a criminal will single them out. If we could know in advance, we'd all just stay home that day, or go somewhere else. The best fight is the one you avoid.

But we can't know when we'll draw the short straw.

So it makes sense to carry our defensive tools all the time. The only time I don't have my gun on me or within arm's reach is when I'm at work, thanks to laws and employment policies prohibiting effective self-defense in government-owned facilities. I do not patronize businesses that deny my most fundamental human right.

Does carrying a gun all the time mean I'm paranoid? No, it means I'm prepared. I pay my insurance premiums, wear my seat belt, and carry my gun. No difference.

And it's probably a good place here to remind folks why I don't carry a gun.


drjim said...

That's tragic.
If you're allowed to carry, DO IT!
That ONE time you're not is all it takes!

jimbob86 said...

Carry Your Gun. It is a lighter burden than regret.