Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picked Up My Snubby

Well, I really wanted to pick up my new snubby on Buy A Gun Day, but I was so disgusted by the steaming pile last night that was ABC's 20/20: If I Only Had A Gun that I went and got it today.

It already has an appointment with the gunsmith to have the internals polished to smooth out the trigger. In the mean time, I plan to do a lot of dry practice with it to thoroughly familiarize myself with this new and different manual of arms.

Of course I had to start accessorizing right away. We have a Hogue Monogrip, an HKS speed loader, a couple of speed strips, some snap caps, and a pocket holster. Sorry I don't have any pictures yet.

As far as the ABC 20/20 program goes, I can honestly say I have never before seen so much contrived caca in one place. At least the comments on their website are overwhelmingly pro-gun and anti-false-reporting. I am greatly encouraged that so many people are seeing through the smoke-and-mirrors of flagrant media bias.

If you want to see the program, you'll have to find it on your own. I refuse to link to fecal matter. I will, however, happily link to John Longnecker's decisive deconstruction of this waste of air time.


Warthog said...

As soon as I saw Diane Sawyer was involved I figured it was gonna be poo. I didn't even bother with it.

womenofcaliber said...

Here, here. The 20/20 segment was seriously flawed, so I decided to address the fallacies one by one on my blog. You might enjoy this:

Hecate said...

Fixed the link to your blog, Kellene.