Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Range Bag Meme*

Q: What's in your range bag?

A: Way too much crap.

Here's the actual inventory:

Target tapers
Snap caps and dummy rounds
IDPA rule book
1" sticky dots
2" sticky targets
Extra batteries for range ears
Magazines, all preloaded on range day to save time
Lens wipes and cloths
Spare Shok-Buffs for the full-size Wilson CQB
Clothespins for paper targets at the indoor range
Heavy-duty pumice hand soap and scrubber
Bushing wrench
Driver handle with bits
P7 tool with scraper and brush
Allen wrench for two-piece guide rods
Kimber take-down paperclips
Hobby clamp for changing Kimber recoil springs
Bootlace for guns that don't capture the recoil spring
Spare extractors, firing pin stops, slide stops, gun springs
Microfiber cloths
Prescription shooting glasses
Electronic range ears
Custom molded earplugs
Magazine cleaning brushes
Patches and pocket cleaning kit
Spray cleaner/lube, needle oiler, grease
Practice hardball and carry ammo

The photo doesn't even include the stuff I found in there that needed to be thrown away.

And it really all fits . . .

In a surprisingly compact package.

If I can't handle it with this, it probably needs a gunsmith.

* Yeah, I think it qualifies as a meme. Thanks, Brigid, Sebastian, Gun Nuts Media, Uncle, JayG, Kevin, et al.


Anonymous said...

thanks! it's been an education i tell ya!

the Sean who asked

Anonymous said...

No staple gun? Your outdoor range must have different backer boards than mine.

Hecate said...

The staple gun lives in the car toolbox. I don't trust the safety on that thing.

With all the crap I keep in it, I could probably live out of my car for a week without adding anything.

Warthog said...

No AR stuff? LOL

I guess I'm a minimalist them.

Gypsy Jane said...

I feel much better now; I was thinking mine was too heavy and I'd need to clean it out.
My staple gun IS in mine, though - loaded and ready when needed ;)

Justthisguy said...

I mind something that Bogie over at The High Road said:

Q. How can you tell if the gun nut is an Aspie?

A: He doesn't have a range bag, he has a range *trailer*.

(He shoots bench rest, the most autistic of all shooting sports.)