Friday, August 14, 2009

I Should Know Better

I now know better than to call my horses from a distance when they're the only ones in the pasture. It's only a ten acre field, so if I'm smart, I'll just walk all the way out to them, right?

With less, um, creative horses, sure. With mine, well, not so much.

I couldn't see them when I entered the pasture, so I started to walk from hilltop to hilltop. No horses. I didn't want a repeat of the previous day's excitement, so I didn't call them. Just kept walking and looking.

Still no horses. The barn owner always lets me know if he moves them, so I must be in the right place.

I walked the whole ten acres without seeing a single horse. Finally I decided to give up and call the barn owner in case he moved them and forgot to tell me. I headed back toward the gate to get my cell phone out of the car.

And as I got there, I turned in time to see all six horses. Following me. Far enough back that I wouldn't have seen them if they stayed at the bottoms of the hills I climbed.

The day was windy enough that I couldn't hear them walking through the grass. I didn't call them, so they didn't come any closer. It was hot enough that they probably didn't feel sufficiently motivated to climb all those hills.

Can't win for losing.

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