Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Another One

Kristi Cornwell, 38, has been missing since about 9:00 pm on August 11. She disappeared near the same area where Meredith Emerson was abducted in 2008.
Cornwell's boyfriend, Douglas Davis, apparently attends a Cobb County church, according to a daily e-mailed report from Macland Baptist Church. According to the church e-mail, Davis was talking to Cornwell when she was approached.

"She told him a car was stopping near her and then started screaming, 'Don't take me,'" according to the church bulletin.
She was a former probation officer who "took firearms classes, taught self-defense and whizzed down the Dragon’s Tail – one of the most popular roads for bikers in the country – on her motorcycle. Yet she never had any problems."

Until last Tuesday night.

The park area where Meredith Emerson was taken prohibits usable firearms. From the information available, Kristi Cornwell appears to have been taken along a road that should be legal for concealed carry, if she had a permit and was carrying a gun.

It's so easy to fall into thinking a well-known area is safe. A gun can be awkward to carry all the time. I know, because unless I'm in an unavoidable defenseless-victim zone, I carry my bobtail Commander 1911 every waking hour. As Greg Perry says, "Your gun was made to be comforting. Your gun was never made to be comfortable."

And if you're walking alone along an empty road after dark and a car stops near you, you should be increasing your distance from it while getting an inconspicuous firing grip on your handgun.

Carry all the time. Because "BANG-BANG, BANG" is much more likely to prevent a kidnapping than "Don't take me."


jimbob86 said...

"In a just and sane world, (she)would have produced a .38 and centre-punched his rotten heart out through his spineless back."

It is unfortunate that that did not happen in this case.....

Alas, it is not a just and sane world. Justice has so much less immediate power than kinetic energy. 158 grain hollow ponts moving at 1000 foot/seconds brook less dissent than "Don't take me."

Hecate said...

It's not enough to have training. You have to apply it. You have to be willing to not merely defend but instantly counterattack with everything you have.

"Self defense" skills, aka empty hand, have serious limitations once you take them out of the dojo. If you don't know what those limitations are, you will not fare well against a committed attacker instead of a cooperative uke.

Taking firearms classes is worthless unless you have the gun with you and the will to use it when necessary.