Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogoversary #2

It's the Crossroad's second blogoversary, and I almost missed it.

A year ago, this blog had registered a little over 10,000 hits. Now there have been over 35,000, and there would probably be even more if I actually, like, wrote stuff on it once in a while.

There's a lot going on these days that sucks the life out of inspiration and spare time. The jerks who are trying to intimidate me into selling my property to them are ramping up the harrassment and my attorney's had to get involved.

Hopefully some things will fall into place soon and free up a little energy for fun stuff again.

Anyway, thanks for reading.


Greyhawk said...

Someone believes they are more entitled to your property than you are? (>.<)

I hate those kind of people. I hope your attorneys are good.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you have a bit of time for posting. We enjoy reading your thoughts.


P.S. Say hi to the horses from all of us here in the Northeast.

Lorimor said...


Mike W. said...

Congrats on the blogoversary!