Monday, February 1, 2010

What, No Vaseline?

I finally got my W-2 for the new job and fired up TurboTax to find out what my refund will be this year.

Did I say refund? Silly me!

You see, I got a new job that pays more money than the last one. How dare I earn more money when there are public parasites elected officials with pork projects they need me to fund, and welfare deadbeats entitlement slugs deserving citizens who need me to pay their mortgages.

To say the Infernal Eternal Internal Revenue Service and the Nebraska Department of Revenue posterior-fornicated me is an overwhelming understatement.

Hope that new rifle doesn't show up for a while.

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Chuck said...

And just to ensure that you understand that paying your taxes is voluntary, the IRS put out a bid ordering several dozen shotguns with tactical sights, etc, for their agents! Just in case you have any questions or concerns about the president's "wealth redistribution" program (YOUR wealth, not HIS)!