Monday, March 29, 2010

A Call For Justice

Three years ago, a piece of subhuman scum named Tony Meyers bought a little mare at auction for $37. When she would not load into a horse trailer, Meyers attacked her with a level of violence that is almost impossible to comprehend. He beat her in the face, wrapped barbed wire around her halter to try to drag her into the trailer, finally did drag her behind the trailer, backed the trailer over her, and then shot her in the head.

Rescuers had to remove the trailer from on top of the mare where Meyers left it before they could try to save her life. (Warning: graphic photos)

She survived but it has taken almost three years for Tony Meyers's case to come to trial. It will be heard starting on Tuesday, March 30, at the St. Martinsville Court. The case number is 07-00009229.

Tony Meyers needs to go to jail for his actions, but without sufficient media attention, there is a very real chance he will be let off with a slap on the wrist. There are still many who say "it's just an animal." Even those who believe animals cannot feel pain or suffer should care about the incontrovertible link between violence toward animals and violence toward humans.

I'm willing to bet that Tony Meyers's anger management issues are not limited to other species.

Here are the folks to contact to ensure Tony Meyers gets what he truly deserves:

WBRZ is the local Baton Rouge ABC affiliate: 225-336-2344
WAFB is the local Baton Rouge CBS affiliate: 225-383-9999 or e-mail
WGMB is the local Baton Rouge Fox affiliate: 225-766-3233 or on their website

Something else I find extremely disturbing about this whole incident is that there had to be witnesses who saw what Meyers was doing to this mare. Why did nobody step up to stop him? While it can be argued that the apparent mugging just might be a scruffy undercover cop taking down a white-collar criminal, I can think of absolutely no circumstances under which obviously abusing an animal or child is allowable.

Oh, yeah, I should have asked Kitty Genovese for the answer to that question. Sorry.

UPDATE: There isn't going to be a trial. Meyers caved in, bawled like a baby before the judge, and pled guilty to felony animal abuse. For this felony, he was sentenced to three years at hard labor, sentence probated. Effectively, he got probation for three years. He is not allowed to be around horses for the three years of his (non)sentence until he completes a psychological examination and pays all court costs plus a $50 per month probation fee.

Sounds like a freakin' slap on the wrist to me. I guess as a convicted felon he's now a prohibited person, so at least he can't "legally" shoot a horse through the face again.

So you can beat a horse nearly to death, drag her by a halter wrapped in barbed wire, back a trailer over her, shoot her in the face, and get three years' probation for the felony conviction in Louisiana. But having a spent .22 casing stuck in the sole of your boot in Massachusetts without an FID or LTC ia a felony with mandatory jail time.


Anonymous said...

Well, he's also now a prohibited person. So no more gun to shoot horses with. But yeah, people who do that probably have other things in their past.

Fenris said...

There are no words...

Rage is too pale. May he find the Furies waiting for him around every corner.