Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Six Million Strong

Courtesy of Snowflakes In Hell, we find this article that says six million Americans are now licensed to carry.

As usual, the Violence Policy Center shows how truly ignorant they are:
"Kristen Rand, legislative director for the Violence Policy Center, a gun-control group, said the movement 'has to do with selling more guns.' While it was pushed by groups like the NRA, it also 'dovetailed with the gun industry’s desperate need to find a new market.'"
Huh? Last time I looked, gun and ammunition sales are still enjoying all-time highs. Many popular models are still backordered from the manufacturers, and 24x7 production at ammo plants still can't fill the shelves.
"'Their efforts at reaching out to minorities and women have failed,' said Rand, whose group advocates banning all handguns and some rifles but believes sporting rifles and shotguns should remain legal. 'The industry constantly has to look for a way to make a guy who already owns 15 guns buy a new one.'"
Obviously, Ms. Rand needs to go visit a shooting range for a reality check, where she'll see people of all races as well as an ever-increasing percentage of women. Even near Chicago.

The article also links a poll that asks, "How safe do you feel knowing there are people around legally carrying concealed guns?" I had to choose "Very safe: If a crime is committed or a threat of violence made, they’ve got the means to respond." Emphasis mine. The survey didn't offer an option for "Very safe: If a crime is committed or a threat of violence made, I’ve got the means to respond."


Viatecio said...

Hopefully it'll be 6M plus me soon...I'm just working on finding a good time to get my license!

Besides people of all races being at gun ranges, don't forget the Pink Pistols!

bogie said...

They're efforts at recruiting women and minorities haven't failed. Everytime I go to the range (all too infrequently these days), I see at least one women learning from someone. the range i go to only has 10 lanes, so that is pretty good - and, that doesn't count the women that are there practicing what they have already learned.

I've also seen several women teaching guys. And, a lot of minorities, which is pretty good since there aren't a lot (percentage wise) in this state.

That is total wishful thinking on their part.

Chuck said...

I just linked to the poll and voted. It's still open. As of my vote, there were more than 67,000 votes favoring concealed carry out of about 81,000 cast.