Monday, May 24, 2010

Heller Who?

A mother of three receives threats after she helps a shooting victim. Gang members say they will kick in her door and "do things" to her and her children. That would certainly justify considering a firearm for personal defense, but the woman and her family live in Omaha Housing Authority public housing.

OHA has always prohibited legally owned firearms of any kind in their facilities. After the Supreme Court's decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, OHA debated the ramifications and decided they would continue to ban effective defensive tools for their residents.

But not only do they deny this woman the choice to obtain a firearm, they denied her request for an emergency transfer to a different OHA facility, saying she has to go on a months-long waiting list.

So if the gang members follow through on their threats, will OHA accept responsibility for any injuries or deaths that result?

What do you think?


Greyhawk said...

I didn't realize Omaha had become a hotbed of gang activity. I should have assumed as much, though. Gangs are everywhere nowadays.

Are you in Nebraska? If you are, you might want to send the NRA a letter about this case. If the Omaha Housing Authority does not allow residents to keep firearms, then that is exactly the kind of battle they fight. Last year they were able to overcome a similar housing authority rule in San Francisco. If they win in SF, they can certainly win in Omaha.

JD said...

I hope nothing happens to her but if it does I hope she and her family take the OHA to court for all they are worth, that is the only thing government thugs understand

SpeakerTweaker said...

I'm inclined to agree with Greyhawk, though the McDonald decision might solve that problem for her. She needs to get in touch with the NRA, if not Alan Gura specifically (the attorney that argued Heller as well as McDonald).

That may get her problem addressed quickly. On the other hand, it may just turn into the next long-winded court battle. It's one I'd hope to see fought, but this lady needs a solution quick.

I know it's easy to Monday Morning Quarterback it, but buy the gun anyway. I'd rather be alive and kicked out of public housing than dead in my lousy gubmint apartment.


Hecate said...

There's no indication this person has any interest in obtaining a gun, but in her situation I can't imagine what else might afford her some protection. Whether she wants one or not, she deserves the choice.

As always, OHA's gun ban disarms only the law-abiding. When I worked for the local .gov's IT agency, I learned that their surveillance video cameras were constantly being shot out. Those projects reminded me of the bad old days of Cabrini-Green in Chicago.