Saturday, May 29, 2010

More On Arizona

So Obama and the Mexican government think Arizona is wrong to pass a law that merely enforces immigration regulations that the Feds won't?

Even the National Park Service knows better.

As an example of the enormity of the problem, this is an area near the Arizona-Mexican border where illegals discard what they brought with them across the border:

Probably the best reason of all for the passage of Constitutional gun carry in Arizona.

Gee, do you suppose one of the reasons Mexico is upset is that maybe they really don't want these paragons of society in their country? They sure don't seem to want them back. But they (and other Latin American governments) sure don't mind the billions of dollars they send to the folks back home.

Drugs and drug components are smuggled in from Mexico by the ton, and the Government thinks making me sign for a lousy box of Sudafed at the pharmacy counter is the answer?

Oh, cry the leftists, they just want jobs! Never mind the methods they so often use to get them.

Of course, Obama ultimately wants to give them all amnesty and citizenship so they'll vote for him in 2012. There's more than one way to steal an election.

Remember in November, and make sure the Obama administration's agenda for the continued progress of this country down the toilet is as difficult as possible.


Viatecio said...


This post is nothing short of brilliant.

I also love that Theodore Roosevelt quote the commenter left on the "Go back to Mexico" editorial.

IIRC, the mayor of Cbus OH said "No travels to AZ" and then jetted off to DC to discuss (I believe) this very issue.

Anyone in their right mind would avoid Washington DC like the plague as long as it's inhabited with hypocrites, teeming with bribery and underhanded deals, and those who really can't be bothered by the common citizen when they're enjoying "perks" that none of us will ever experience in this lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Any other country would have considered this degree of illegal influx of another country's population to be an invasion. Hell, any other time, and we would have as well.

Instead, we are breaking out the milk and cookies, and inviting these malcontents in for tea.

Unfortunately, you are probably dead on the money - with the promise of no-paperwork citizenship, all of the healthcare and education they care for, and easily-accessible jobs, these invaders definitely will be voting one way in the coming years... I guess when dead people are hard to organize for national elections, illiterate, illegal immigrants will have to do.