Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jury Duty Week One

The way they do jury duty now is you call a toll-free number on Friday to find out if you need to appear at any time during the following week. I called in last Friday and they said I didn't have to show up for anything this week.

Are we surprised?

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RVmom said...

that must be a pretty common way of doing now. Here in Buena Vista CO. it's the done the same way


Anonymous said...

Did the evil pony get called? Horses and ponies love jury duty!


Hecate said...

This way sure beats the old method of making everyone sit in a room together going stir-crazy for two solid weeks.

The last time I was on jury duty was when I was still living in Chicago. I was called several times for a panel, but never was selected for an actual jury. Funny thing, the prosecution wanted me but the defense said NO WAY.