Saturday, July 31, 2010

Latest New Arrival

Last November, I ordered a precision rifle. After agonizing over accessorizing it properly, ordering said accessories, and waiting for it to be built and then assembled, I finally picked it up today.

Sorry about the crappy cellphone picture. As usual, the "real" camera's batteries were dead.

Now I'll really have to get my butt out to the gun club where they have a 650-yard range.


Zendo Deb said...

Very nice!

Sarah said...

Very nice! Here's to many happy range trips with it. :)

Linoge said...

*jaw drop*

Envious, I am.

Kevin said...

Nice package, getting it all at once makes life a lot easier.

I bought a 700 police then went out to find an affordable and good scope for it. Damn, there is no such thing. $1300 bucks later I had an IOR 3-18 FFP mil-dot. It's good enough to get some hits at 1000, even with me shooting it. And now, two years later, I've got a class scheduled to learn how to shoot it effectively.

I was going to do the Gunsite long range rifle, but I found a group of local LE guys who run a course that is lot less money at the 1000 yard course 45 minutes away. So now I have an excuse to buy more long-range gear with the $1000 I saved. :-)

Apocalypso said...

Wowzers. Very nice bang stick

Willorith said...

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