Monday, July 26, 2010


I had a CLUNK in a public restroom over the weekend.

No, it wasn't my gun, the restroom was a one-holer, and it was in a business where if the proprietors had known what happened, they would have just pointed and laughed.

In no-jacket weather, I've been carrying my two reloads in a spare snubby-size pocket holster in my left front jeans pocket. It's comfortable, they're readily accessible, and they're less conspicuous than in a mag carrier on my belt.

While I was paying careful attention to my 1911 in its Minotaur Spartan IWB, the other side of my jeans drooped just enough for the two loaded mags to slip out of the snubby holster and hit the tile. No harm-no foul, but a great teaching experience.

Keep track of all of your EDC gear, all the time. Thus endeth the lesson.


George said...

Had a similar experience in a movie theatre (NO, my pants weren't down). But, the extra-large cargo shorts front pocket
was too large to snugly hold my Kramer pocket holster, and my S&W electroless nickel 442 bailed rearward, down between the seat and back, onto the sticky-with-soda floor! Fortunately, no one near heard the noise, or cared if I was fishing between the seats, searching in the dark...
End? All okay, little sticky. Wiser.

Warthog said...

How about a review of that Spartan? I've been considering one for my XD

Word Verification: gabiver...when McGyver talks too much.

Hecate said...

I really like the Spartan. It's less bulky than the regular Minotaur. The ride and cant can be easily adjusted with the way the belt clips attach.

I will, however be replacing the leather backing with a slightly different-shaped piece. The original doesn't cover the thumb safety well enough to suit me, and interferes with the mag release.