Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cooperate Or Resist?

Most people who hear about my ongoing battles with folks who want my property agree with my refusal to be intimidated. But every so often, somebody says, "Why don't you just let them have it and go somewhere else to live?"

Why indeed? Wouldn't it be easier to just give them what they want and run away? That's the way to guarantee I'll be safe, right?

Sound familiar?

Whether by threat of harm in the dark parking lot or threat of harm by harassment and intimidation, taking somebody else's rightful property is the same. It makes no difference in principle that the landgrabbers write a check to validate their taking. They are still forcing somebody else to give up something he or she wishes to keep.

That's the problem. Neither the robber nor the landgrabber has any respect for "this is mine, you can't have it."

We're told by our betters the Authorities that we shouldn't resist a criminal who "just" wants our "stuff." It's only "stuff" and can easily be replaced, right?

I'll wager the privileged elitists who say that have never been unemployed. They don't understand that "stuff" can be finite, and losing "stuff" can have serious adverse effects on someone's life.

"Stuff" is survival.

These elites also don't understand that rewarding behavior is not the way to suppress it. Every robber who scores when a victim meekly hands over the goods is highly motivated to rob again. And every politician who gets reelected after screwing his or her constituents is highly motivated to screw them again.

The elites wonder why there's no reduction in crime after they restrict effective self-defense and indoctrinate the masses to cooperate with criminals. They just made crime easier, that's why. More than once, a Stand Your Ground bill died in the Nebraska legislature thanks to a Judiciary Committee infested with anti-defense, pro-criminal (excuse me, pro-disadvantaged-youth-vicitmized-by-society-who-just-want-jobs) quasi-functionaries who prefer helpless subjects to independent citizens.

Giving your wallet, watch, and self-respect to a criminal is no guarantee he won't use the information in it to look you up at home with a few of his friends. It's no guarantee he won't kill you anyway. There is no honor code of the criminal keeping them from harming submissive victims.

Running and hiding never ends. They always find you again. Being submissive draws victimizers the way decomp draws flies.

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