Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

As Allen Saunders less-famously said, life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. Despite being repeatedly steamrolled by life over these past couple of years, I have quite a lot for which to be thankful.

After being unemployed twice over a less-than-six-month period, I now have a job I truly enjoy. It's insanely busy, but I thrive in that kind of work environment.  An unexpected crisis in the life of someone very close to me resulted in the dissolution of a twenty-year relationship, but a new friendship may slowly be growing.

My 16-year-old German Shepherd mix, Harriet, died of old age, but I now have 3.1 young dogs happily wreaking havoc (3.1?  Explanation coming soon).

Thanks to a convergence of judgement errors, a new boarder introduced strangles to the farm where I board my horses that went undetected until every horse was exposed.  Mine are coming down with it one after another, but seem so far to be making uneventful recoveries.

Beyond the realm of the personal, it seems that Dear Leader's hubris may finally be collapsing under its own weight as even long-term loyalists distance themselves.  Harry Reid's Nuclear Option will come back to bite the Demonrats Democrats if voters pay attention and they lose their Senate majority.

Despite more horrific more horrific mass murders gleefully exploited by the lamestream media and would-be gun-banners, the line has mostly been held against those who would deprive us of our rights.  And with the fall of Illinois, now all fifty states have some mechanism, however flawed, for lawful concealed carry.

Overall, life is good.

We do, however, need to always remember that we are responsible for keeping it that way.  The price of freedom and prosperity is eternal vigilance and plain old hard work.  Never give up and never stop fighting the good  fight.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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