Thursday, February 26, 2009

Because It Worked SO WELL The First Time


Nobody should be surprised that Eric "I Hate Guns And Pardon Terrorists" Holder wants a new, non-expiring "assault weapons" ban.

Never mind the original one accomplished absolutely nothing.

Oh wait, this is supposed to reduce crime in Mexico?

Because the automatic weapons, grenades, and other military ordnance used by drug gangs couldn't possibly be obtained any other way than at American gun stores and gun shows. Never mind they already are rigorously restricted or outright illegal in this country. Millionaire drug cartels would never be able to supply themselves any other way.

And just ignore the penetration these gangs have into the Mexican government and military.

An interesting wrinkle is apparent dissent in the Democratic ranks. Nancy Pelosi claims Holder never talked to her about reinstating an "assault weapons" ban, says enforcing current law is sufficient, and the DOJ has declined comment.

Definitely time to keep paying attention.

ETA: John Lott has an op-ed up on Fox that says it all: "If Holder thinks that it is so easy to control drug gangs’ access to guns, one way to show it is by proving that he can stop drug gangs’ access to drugs."


Rio Arriba said...

"Got any grenades?"

My question to dealers up and down the border.

Alas, no joy. Even, strangely, considerable hostility on their part. What's with that?

I am still grenadeless.

Anybody got any of those easy-to-get-in-America grenades?

Maybe Holder can tell me where to go. I know I'd like to tell HIM.

Chuck said...

Just a reminder to Nebraskans that Ben Nelson has generally been good on gun issues. However, he was an early supporter of Obama, and voted to confirm Holder, despite knowing their extreme anti-gun positions. People need to remember this next Senatorial election cycle. Hopefully, the other party won't put forth some rich guy who thinks he can buy a Senate seat as the challenger again.

Hecate said...

Absolutely. Apparently Nelson got a lot of complaints about Holder, because we all got the exact same "now we understand these things better than you peasants" reply to our concerns.

Every new round of every issue is a new day. We have to watch all of them, all the time.

Anonymous said...

I sure would like to find a RPG or a passle of grenades for sale , it would make my next fishing trip so much quicker.My local gun dealer seems to be out of stock and when I worked Security at our local gun show, none for sale??? Gee the goverment couldn't be wrong could they... It's not like they don't have a lot of prractice at it. Geesh