Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Helping Iowa Helps Us All

Time is running out for Iowa Governor Chet Culver to sign SF2379. This bill most significantly makes Iowa a shall-issue permit state instead of its current, oft-abused may-issue, standardizes training and qualification, and recognizes all other states' carry permits without any foolishness about whose requirements are "stringent" enough.

Everyone who has a permit to carry and who might ever travel to or through Iowa benefits if Gov. Culver signs this bill. But it's looking like he may very well ignore it, resulting in an automatic "pocket veto" if time runs out without signing.

Gov. Culver is a Democrat, and is under pressure from the hoplophobic Usual Suspects to let this important bill die.

If you live in Iowa, go here to send a pre-written email to Gov. Culver urging him to sign SF2379.

If you don't live in Iowa, go here to send an email of your own.

Time is running out. Help Iowa and yourselves today.

ETA: The deadline is April 29. The Governor's Office phone number is 515-281-5211. He has a Facebook page as well, for those of you who use Facebook. Don't just contact him once, keep flooding his office with support for this bill.

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Greyhawk said...

Done! I hope it helps.