Friday, April 16, 2010

More PSH In Iowa

And an opportunity to use one of Robb's awesome graphics.

A bill is currently sitting on Iowa Governor Chet Culver(D)'s desk that would make huge improvements in Iowa's current may-issue concealed carry law, as well as allow open carry. But some legislators don't want to recognize permits from other states, and some sheriffs are upset about losing their ability to use personal bias discretion in issuing or denying permits.

Funny, those things haven't been a problem in any of the 36 states that currently have shall-issue carry laws. Vermont and Alaska (and now Arizona as well, we hope, if their governor signs their Constitutional-carry bill) do not require a permit at all, and they haven't had problems either.

So why do Iowa overlords government functionaries think their constituents are stupider than folks in other states?

The bill passed in the last three days of the legislative session. That means Governor Culver has to sign it within 30 days (not counting Sundays) or it is automatically vetoed. IowaCarry has a web page that allows Iowa residents to easily send a message to the Governor.

People with permits in other states have a stake in this bill, too. For me, not being allowed to carry in another state is a powerful disincentive to travel to or through there. If you want to be able to carry in Iowa (and spend money there, hint, hint), contact Governor Culver's office and ask that he sign the bill.

Let's all pull together to get this bill signed. Every state that improves their own carry laws benefits all responsible gun owners.

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