Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cooperating With Carjackers

From Ride Fast & Shoot Straight:
Official advise[sic]? Give up your car, cooperate with the criminals, go along with the crime. Wasn't that our national policy on airliner hijackings prior to 9/11?
National average carjacking rate per 10,000 population? 1.7

Carjacking rate per 10,000 population in Oakland, California, where it's practically impossible to get a permit to carry an effective means of self defense? 7.35

Let's see . . . a liberal justice system, the Overlords telling the serfs citizens to aid and abet their own victimization, a disarmed population . . . think we might have a pattern here?



Ride Fast said...

[...] Gun blogger nation [...]

jimbob86 said...

OK...... So we are to give them what they want? So, am I at fault if, when the guy says "Gimme the car!" I can't hear him, because the fact that he is waving a gun at me is screaming "Kill ME!" loud enough to drown out all other stimuli? I'll give him what he seems to want the most.