Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome To The Police State

AKA Washington D.C.

Stingray and LawDog shine the light on some interesting news:

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I guess they're just following the historic model, since the D.C. gestapo police previously tried to get people to consent to warrantless searches of their homes as a gun confiscation plan prior to the anticipated Supreme Court ruling on Heller.

So let's review here. Washington D.C. already has such a draconian gun ban that the Supreme Court is going to rule on whether it violates the U.S. Constitution. The D.C. overlords argued before SCOTUS that they need to keep said gun ban in place to prevent violent crime. But if this gun ban (or any other gun ban, anywhere) actually did prevent violent crime, why would they need or want to set up roadblocks with checkpoints?

Arbeit Macht Frei.

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cocked and loaded said...

If I pay my taxes and have to show
proof that I have a reason to be
here, I dont think so.