Saturday, June 28, 2008

Larry Correia vs. The New York Times

A battle where the NYT was woefully undergunned.

After the Heller opinion was released, the New York Times editorial staff immediately soiled their Depends and shoveled up a truly impressive pile of PSH in response. I won't dignify it by linking to it here, but you can search their website if you have a strong enough stomach and really want to read the whole thing.

Larry Correia's business is called Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns, on the theory that a company consisting of combat veterans who make and sell machine guns and supressors don't need a tough name. His deconstruction of the NYT's screed is not to be missed.

I think Mr. Correia needs to run for public office.

By the way, he also wrote a marvelously addictive book, Monster Hunter International, that is currently unavailable but will be back in print from Baen Books in 2009. It's a must-read.

UPDATE -- In the fine tradition of flagrant elitism displayed by anti-gun nabobs everywhere, New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger has a permit to carry a concealed handgun! Oh, the humanity!

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cocked and loaded said...

Mr. Correia hit the nail on the
head. Great post!