Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some Are Just Equaller Than Others

I'm originally from Chicago, so I have a real appreciation for its, ah, distinctive political environment. Its also where I learned the hard way that a sufficiently connected publicly-respectable rapist could be completely immune from arrest and prosecution.

But more and more, I'm learning that the same crap that happens there happens in plenty of other places, just not so obviously.

In nine states, including New York, and Commiefornia California, concealed carry permits are may-issue. That means some local Authority gets to decide whether you are of sufficiently good character and have a legitimate enough need to be allowed to defend your life. In truth, permits in those states go overwhelmingly to celebrities, wealthy political donors, public officials, and politicians.

You know, the folks who are so much better than the rabble masses average citizens.

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cocked and loaded said...

This is so irritating to me. Why
do voters reelect these people?
Here in n.c. the democrat
speaker of the house was reelected
even though he was about to be
charged with taking bribes.