Friday, November 21, 2008

More On Eric Holder

Change, huh? Then how come all the names Obama's picking are right out of the Clinton playbook?

From Jim Meyers's article in Newsmax:
Holder also played a key role in the snatching of 6-year-old Cuban Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives’ home in April 2000, according to the Web site. Gonzalez was to be sent to Cuba where his father lived. 

Holder has already come under fire due to his involvement in the Mark Rich pardon in the final hours of the Clinton presidency.

Billionaire Rich renounced his U.S. citizenship and moved to Switzerland to avoid prosecution for racketeering, wire fraud, tax fraud, tax evasion, and illegal trades with Iran in violation of the U.S. embargo following the 1979-80 hostage

Seventeen years later, Rich wanted a pardon, and he retained Jack Quinn, former counsel to the president, to lobby his old boss.

Holder had originally recommended Quinn to one of Rich's advisers, political analyst Dick Morris reported. And he gave substantive advice to Quinn along the way.

Once the pardon was granted, Holder sent his congratulations to Quinn.


Chuck said...

You should add this to the list of Eric Holder's record of supressing liberty:

While D.C. v. Heller was being heard by the Supreme Court in 2008, Holder joined the Reno-led amicus brief, which urged the Supreme Court to uphold Washington, D.C.'s handgun ban and said the Department of Justice from Franklin Roosevelt through Bill Clinton had always believed that the Second Amendment does not protect the rights of individuals to own guns for personal use. Holder said that overturning the 1976 law "opens the door to more people having more access to guns and putting guns on the streets."-- Nakamura, David; Robert Barnes (March 10, 2007). "D.C.'s Ban On Handguns In Homes Is Thrown Out", Washington Post, p. A01.

This is a definitive example of what the Obama presidency with the Holder Department of "Justice" will mean for American gun owners.

Chuck further said...

I also found this from AP, Sonya Ross, dated 12/15/99 "....President Clinton will take action on gun safety next year, the White House said Wednesday, contending Congress has ``frustrated the American public'' by failing to tighten firearms restrictions in a year of mass shootings. Clinton's chief of staff, John Podesta, convened a brainstorming session of administration officials to come up with various actions Clinton could take, either through executive authority, federal regulations or new legislation beyond the bill now stuck in Congress. ``We're not going to rely on Congress. We're going to find other avenues,'' White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said. ``It's our overall sense that this is something the American public is demanding.'' ..... The group Podesta brought together included Bruce Reed, Clinton's domestic policy adviser; Stuart Eizenstat, the deputy treasury secretary; Eric Holder, the deputy attorney general; and Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo. ...."

Podesta and Holder brainstorming about "various actions" including "other avenues" than the legislative process to impose firearms "restrictions" upon law-abiding citizens. Nine years later, same agenda -- same names.