Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stalin's Heir

As we come down to the wire in this election cycle, Doc Russia presents a comprehensive analysis of Obama's rise to power.

An excerpt:

The recent incident where Biden was questioned as to how whether Obama was a marxist in light of his views of "spreading the wealth" crystallizes this belief. First, Biden could not illuminate the differences between Obama and Marx because, IMHO, there is no substantial difference. So, he pretends affront by answering with the rhetorical question "is this a joke?" Then, perhaps more tellingly, the incident comes complete circle in Stalinist format by the network subsequently being shut out of the loop, and even such tenuous examples of speaking truth to power are punished.
Here's a video discussing that interview and its consequences:

Any more, it looks like YouTube and the blogosphere are the only places to find the truth. At least until the Obama machine destroys the First Amendment along with the Second. After all, Obama says the Constitution reflects the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day.

It's still not too late, folks. Doc Russia, like Ly Chho, knows communism when he sees it coming. VOTE!

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Rio Arriba said...

I sincerely hope that the comparison of Obama with Stalin is overblown. Stalin snuffed some 25-millions of "dissidents" to hold onto his power. There are at least 25-millions of Americans that the Obamabots would like to do away with, even if only figuratively. The difference is that THIS 25-million is armed. For the time being at least.