Monday, November 3, 2008

My Plan For E-Day

The polls won't be open yet when I leave for work in the morning, and I work too far from home to run back and vote in the middle of the day. That leaves voting on the way home.

I could have voted early, but there's something about the ritual of going inside the teensy tinker-toy booth with the totally inadequate privacy curtain, clutching your paper ballot and fat kindergarten pencil here in low-tech Nebraska.

Then I'm going home and watching DVD's for the rest of the evening. The Witchblade Complete Series set should keep me from any more political spew for quite a few hours. Or maybe read the latest Jim Butcher/Dresden Files book to make it into electronic format. Anything but broadcast television on election night.

Plenty of time to find out how screwed we are the next morning.

I agree with Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority that we have a choice here between disaster and catastrophe. There may well be no candidate running who deserves to win, but there is certainly one who stands out as spectacularly deserving to lose.

I don't know whether stuff like this makes me glad I don't drink, or sorry.

POST SCRIPT: Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute hits one out of the park with his blog post "The Life Cycle Of A Nation." I offer it here as a last call to DO SOMETHING with what we have to work with this time around.

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JD said...

Witchblade is out on DVD?!! cool, I have to get out from under this rock more often. . .

= )

I have similar plans, I will throw in a tape or such, anything but the returns