Friday, June 5, 2009


Farrah and Max are no longer confined to quarters. Surface injuries on horses can get to be kinda like radioactive decay: lots of progress at first, then it feels like the last little bit will never heal up. The vet finally said it was okay to kick 'em out of the barn. All concerned, horses and humans, were mightily relieved.

Thoroughbreds who have been cooped up for any length of time lose what few milligrams of common sense they ever had when finally turned loose, so they have to start out in a small area. Only after they demonstrate they are not going to go up like ten pounds of Tannerite at Boomershoot, they can start to be turned out in progressively larger areas.

Farrah actually behaving herself

It further complicated matters that going out on lush spring grass after being kept in on dry hay, alfalfa cubes, and Triple Crown has to be managed carefully as well. Fortunately, there's a mare with a new foal and a recently-gelded Welsh pony in pretty much the same boat. They will all be gradually acclimated to the pasture together before going back out in the herd.

Max(L) and Farrah(R)
Wishful thinking.


Rio Arriba said...

That's good. I'm sure they're happy to be out in the sun once more.

Warthog said...

Glad the horses are feeling better.

Amatuer Gun Guru said...

I need to get some Tannerite...