Thursday, June 25, 2009


As much as I'd like to take Signal 88's Civilian Rifle Fighting class on July 11 (it's even during National Training Week), I think my disposable income will be going elsewhere for a while.

Meet Sarge.

Sergeant Sweetie
General Jolie (TB) x Stink's Skipper (AQHA)

He's a half-brother to one of my Thoroughbreds, same Thoroughbred sire but his dam was an American Quarter Horse, making him Appendix-registered. Just turned three years old on June 1. He looks so much like his now-deceased dad it isn't even funny, except for that Quarter Horse butt. I'm such a sucker.

He was going to be put down before his life had really even begun, due to an injury he got at four months of age. It never healed properly, and never will heal without prolonged treatment.

The economy and the horse market being what they are, his owner didn't have the funds to fix him, and even then there's no guarantee he'll ever be rideable. The only buyers there are at horse sales for unrideable horses are buying for slaughter.

My vet's willing to give me a break on the surgery, and feels the prognosis is good. Will things hold together well enough for Sarge to eventually be ridden? Maybe, with extra precautions. If not, what's one more pasture potato when I have like three of them already?

Yeah, I actually have one of these:

Fat lot of good it does me.


The Freeholder said...

Hecate, you are a good and kind person.

Aanoosh said...

Bless your heart. My two horses cost me huge amounts of money, time and aggravation. My back yard is a swamp, and my house has hay pieces everywhere. Regardless, I wouldn't have it any other way.


DaP said...

You are a kind soul.

Brigid said...

Like it.

I have one "My Barn. . My Rules"

Amatuer Gun Guru said...
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Amatuer Gun Guru said...

What a good thing to do! Good on you!

You don't need that crap rifle course anyway. Save your cash and go to the Thunder Ranch Urban Rifle course!!

Keep that horse close to your heart cuz he will love you forever!