Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vanishing Act

Now you see it.

Now you don't.



Rob Taylor said...

That's cool but how easy is it to access. I've been thinking of an ankle holster for my snub but even in boot cut jeans it seems slow to get to your piece.

Hecate said...

It's quicker and easier than you'd think. To draw, you take a big drop-step off the x with the leg that has the holster, bending that knee. At the same time, the hand on that side pulls up the pantsleg while the other draws. Thanks to range rules I haven't been able to test it with the shot timer, but it's faster than my SmartCarry (what isn't?).

If terrain forces you to move in the opposite direction, it's more awkward but still doable. I'm not crazy about ankle carry for an "only gun" but it's better than not having a gun at all if clothing or other constraints require it.

I don't know why anyone still teaches drawing from an ankle rig by taking a knee or hopping on one foot.