Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Common Sense Car Control

In New York, a man deliberately ran down fourteen people with his car, killing one.

Some comparisons:
♦ Number of privately owned guns in America: estimated 238-276 million

♦ Number of firearm deaths, all causes, in 2006: 30,896

♦ Number of deaths per firearm (averaging firearm estimate to 257 million): 0.0001202

♦ Number of nonfatal firearm injuries, all causes, in 2006: 71,417

♦ Number of nonfatal firearm injuries per firearm: 0.0002779

♦ Number of all motor vehicles in America: estimated 250,851,833

♦ Number of motor vehicle deaths, all causes, in 2006: 45,509

♦ Number of deaths per motor vehicle: 0.0001814

♦ Number of nonfatal motor vehicle injuries, all causes, in 2006: 4,279,070

♦ Number of nonfatal motor vehicle injuries per vehicle: 0.0170582
Death and injury data from CDC.

This gives us 1.5 car deaths for every gun death and 59.9 car injuries for every gun injury.

Surely anyone can see we need some common sense car control in this country. Maybe full background checks with mental health inquiries before issuing a driver's license. And nobody needs a car that goes faster than 30 miles per hour.

Think of the chilllldrennnn!


Aanoosh said...

Logical arguments rarely work with liberals. They make decisions based on emotion and feeling.

How are the horses?


Warthog said...

That sounds like something I posted not too long ago, LOL.

Hecate said...

"That sounds like something I posted not too long ago, LOL."

So did some of the Gun Rights Examiners. I'm working on the numbers to point out what a microscopically tiny percentage of all ammunition is ever expended in crimes, for the idjits pushing microstamping and ammo encoding. Not that they ever listen, but it might be handy if any state legislators are stupid enough to bite on those schemes.

"How are the horses?"

Farrah's scar is still improving. Sarge, the new kid, got hurt again yesterday when the other people who still have him tried to load him into a trailer. I'm going to meet the vet there after work today to check on the damage. I swear, sometimes I think the only way to get anything done right is to do it myself.

Linoge said...

Yeah, but we need cars! Nobody needs those evil, icky guns!


Nicely done. Of course, the hoplophobes will positively scream about the comparison...

cmzneb said...

Great job pulling those stats together!