Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sarge Is Home

The health certificate and Coggins finally came, so Sarge is now home.

He's by himself for now with just Milton the EvilPony™ for company, so I can work on his chronic injury and put some basic handling skills on him. My goal is to be able to treat any problem without having to resort to physical restraint before he gets turned out in the big 50-acre pasture. He'll be introduced to the other horses gradually, starting with mine and working the others in a few at a time.

Milton is pretty much the poster child for Being A Bad Influence, though. I should know better than to put him in with an impressionable youngster.

For my entire horse-owning life, I've always had Thoroughbreds. They're kind of like my good 1911's, powerful and graceful, with tight tolerances. They are unforgiving of careless or inexpert handling, and novices should probably look elsewhere.

The only exceptions to date have been two small ponies, intended as company for the Thoroughbreds. Milton is even smaller than his predecessor, Varmint, over thirty years ago. Small ponies remind me of my snubby: strong for their size and difficult to control.

But Sarge, while being by the same Thoroughbred stallion as my younger gray Thoroughbred gelding, Judge, is out of a Quarter Horse mare and has Appendix AQHA papers. Quarter Horses are known as being docile, easy to manage, versatile, and a popular choice for less-experienced owners who want a good registered horse to learn on and show.

I feel like I now have the equine equivalent of a Glock!

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Chas S. Clifton said...

Good luck with the horse, and don't forget, the *old* 1911s had loose tolerances too, so that you could drop yours in the muddy trench, pick it up, and fire it successfully!

WV: "scroles" -- what I just wrote.