Friday, July 24, 2009

New "Megan Magnum" Holster

My custom-made Kellogg Custom Megan Magnum holster arrived today!

I had it shipped to my office instead of home, because I have a perimeter fence and a locked gate. Delivery drivers usually just leave parcels on the ground, where they instantly beacon a "steal me" signal to the local miscreants.

Based on a quick test-fit in the ladies' room (just to see how it fits me, not my gun -- I work in a defenseless-victim zone), this should be the most awesome concealment holster for my Wilson 1911 evah!

I like to carry in the appendix position with a strong muzzle-forward rake. Every holster Kellogg makes is a full-custom hand build, so accommodating uncommon preferences is no problem for them. Pictures of course will follow.

Many, many thanks to Isaiah and Megan Kellogg of Kellogg Custom Leather. You folks rock!

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