Thursday, July 30, 2009

News Flash! Criminals LIE!

But, but, but, The Authorities tell us we need to just give them what they want and we'll be safe!

Via Howard Nemerov, the Austin Gun Rights Examiner, we hear about a home-invasion victim, Teresa Butz, whose last dying words were as follows:
Before she died, Butz talked to a neighbor, Albert Barrientes, saying of the attacker: "He told us if we did what he asked us to do, he wouldn't hurt us. He lied, he lied."
I take a criminal at face value. He's a criminal, a sociopath, a person who feels he is entitled to take the hard-earned property of others by force. His victims aren't people to him, they are things, they are prey to be harvested.

I don't care why he's chosen a life of crime, because that's what it truly is, his own personal choice. I don't care if his mommy was an addict or his daddy beat him. I can't possibly know that, and I don't care.

Let me repeat.

I. Don't. Care.

I will take at face value that he has already broken many laws when he tries to victimize me. If he has a weapon, I will take at face value that he is willing to use it effectively against me. I will not believe a single word he says.

And I will do everything in my power stop that criminal, because I cannot afford to trust that if I just give him what he wants I will be safe.
Concealed Carry Magazine recently published an article called "Shadow Figures" written by Bill Oliver. Mr. Oliver has been a forensic psychologist for 20 years, working in the California Penal System including the Pelican Bay Supermax prison. He has worked with and evaluated some of the nation's worst criminals, including Charles Manson. From his interview with one convicted violent predator:
He was robbing a convenience store in Texas and the woman teller complied with his orders promptly and offered no resistance of any kind. When asked why he shot her in the head if she was doing everything he told her to do, he replied in a cold, matter of fact way, "I killed her because I could . . . "
No, I will not be an accomplice in my own robbery, rape, or murder.


Themadlemming said...

Excellent post. I'll never understand the "cower and hope for mercy" attitude of many people. Criminals feed on fear and power, so why give it to them?

Rio Arriba said...

A very fine post. Thanks.

Ms. Butz seemed positively incredulous that her killer actually lied to her. The nerve. That is almost pathetic.