Friday, June 18, 2010

"Does This Hurt?"

"DeletedDeletedDeleted!!! What do YOU DeletedDeleted think??!?"

When a doctor who's cranking your blown knee in exquisitely painful directions asks that question, what does he expect you to say?

It's not so much blown as re-blown. My first encounter with the "unhappy triad" was over twenty years ago, and no surgery was done then. This is the same knee that has since been hit with a bo in training leaving a permanent dent in the muscle, and kicked by Milton The EvilPony™ since we all know Murphy's Law loves a weak spot.

The doctor wanted to refer me for an MRI and probable surgery, but I refused. I stay healthy by avoiding doctors wherever possible. That's why when I absolutely can't avoid having an acute problem evaluated, I go to a doc-in-the-box. Pay cash, no obligations. Now that I know how to identify what structures are affected and how severely, I won't have to go back the next time. Following a conservative course of action won't take any longer for recovery, and will spare me the risks of surgical invasion of a major joint and its associated costs and inconvenience. With any luck, I should be fully functional again by the Machine Gun Shoot and my Massad Ayoob class in August.

The ankle on that same leg has been stepped on twice by horses, once medially by Sailord and once laterally by Margo. Margo also had a difference of opinion once with the vet, yanking me off the ground and slinging me off to the side, where she stepped squarely on the middle of my tibia. I had a perfect round hoofprint on my leg for weeks that went through many interesting color changes. I figure if that didn't break my leg, I don't need to worry about osteoporosis.

I also figure if I can get back up and finish what needs to be done after getting run over by a 1,200-pound horse, I can take a hit in a self-defense situation, get back up and finish what needs to be done.


Willorith said...

You are a tough tough woman. Made of the same stuff as Hannah Davis and Prudence Cummings Wright. Two women that played significant roles on the first day of the American War of Independence. It is one of the reasons I read your blog.


Hecate said...

I dunno about "tough," I'd consider myself more "practical." I know far too much about the medical industry to trust my life to it if at all avoidable. There are some things it does well, like reattaching body parts, but overall I lump it in with "gun control." If it really worked, you'd see people needing less drugs, surgeries, and other intrusions into their lives and bodies, not more.

My best friend for many years died because while she knew exactly what her problems were, doctors wouldn't listen. She had been a medical professional herself until she quit in disgust, her husband was a doctor, and still nobody listened.

And the sickest I ever was in my entire life was from a respiratory infection I picked up while visiting her in the hospital.

Warthog said...

Let me add you to my ever expanding list of women NOT to piss off.