Monday, June 28, 2010


From Justice Alito's conclusion in the majority opinion:
"The 14th Amendment incorporates the 2nd Amendment right… to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense."
Words to make Naked Emperor Mayor Daley cry.


Viatecio said...

Still feel the same way about this as I did the Heller decision though...a 5-4 cote is way too close for comfort. Something's seriously wrong with the court when a vote on an amendment in the farking Bill Of Rights is this close. A few decades down the road, this'll be up for vote again just like they were threatening to do with Roe v Wade.

Sorry to play the cynic. I'm as elated as everyone else about the end result, but I still can't shake the bad feeling that something will come up in the future to turn it around or shake it up, given the close margin.

JD said...

This is a great day! Now if we can only use this to pound some sense into MA and CA we will be getting somewhere. . . .

Hecate said...

Oh yeah, it's waaay too close for the Bill of Rights, but look at who the four were. So much of the dissents read like the ravings of lunatics.

My immediate concern is getting through the rest of Obama's reign. Take back Congress in November, then in 2012 see that this administration becomes a one-term skidmark on the underwear of history.

In the mean time, gaining ground inch by inch sure beats losing it.