Saturday, June 26, 2010

Running The Numbers

Here are my most recent calculations for the comparative risks of physicians and firearms:
I deliberately used the WISQARS "all intents" number to ensure the results were as biased as possible "against" guns.

So on a purely mathematical basis, any given doctor is 696 times more likely to be responsible for a death than any given gun owner, and 2,176 times more likely to be responsible for a death than any given gun. Obviously we need a lot more common-sense doctor control in this country. If it saves one life. Think of the chiiiilllllldrennnn . . .

ETA -- So how come the same people who would be outraged at the suggestion all doctors should be vilified because some of them are dangerously incompetent have no problem demonizing all gun owners because less than one half of one percent of a typical urban population consists of violent criminals?


Linoge said...

*sigh* There you go again, being all rational, and logical, and reasonable, and presenting the facts and figures as they lay.

Do you not know that immediately and irrevocably invalidates your entire argument?

Viatecio said...

So what about doctors who own guns? ;)

Hecate said...

Hey, they're the competent ones!

Want to find doctors who won't give you grief about EEEVIL GUNS? Check the membership roster of your gun club. That's where I found an ophalmologist who's an Olympic shooter. He gave me an outstanding prescription for shooting glasses.

Viatecio said...

Check your email.